Water Filtration
Air Purifiers
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Lake Industries - Product Index
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0.5 Lb KDF/GAC Cartridge
0.5 Micron Lead Reduction Block (for current S/S)
10 Micron Block (for current S/S filter)
Air Purifier-Silver
Aquakleen 22pc Set w/ DVD
Bar Keeper's 12 oz Can
Cookworld 1 Qt w/c Color Box
Cookworld 12 Qt. w/c
CookWorld 15pc Set
Cookworld 20 Qt w/c
CookWorld 23pc Set
Cookworld 4.8 Qt w/c
CookWorld 8pc Set
Cookworld Grill Pan w/c
Cookworld Jumbo Skillet w/Dome
Cookworld Large Skillet w/c
Cookworld Long Handle
Cookworld Medium Steamer
Cookworld Starter Kit (available in Spanish)
Digital Ionizer Cartridge
Electric Oil Core Skillet
Foodcutter Kitchen Machine
Lake S/S Countertop Water Filter
Lake SR-1 Pre-Filter
Large clear vacuum lid
Low Profile Tamale Steamer Rack
Messerstahl 17pc Block Set
Messerstahl 2pc Carving Set
Messerstahl 3pc Carving Set
Messerstahl 3pc Kitchen Set
Messerstahl 4pc Steak Knife Set
Messerstahl 5pc Knife Set
Messerstahl 6pc Block Set
Messerstahl 6pc Steak Knife Set
Messerstahl 7pc Kitchen Tool Set
Messerstahl 8pc Steak Knife Set
Messerstahl Cleaver
Messerstahl Cutting Board
Messerstahl Deluxe 28Pc Set
Messerstahl Messersharp
Messerstahl Poultry Shears
Nutri-Stahl 1 Quart w/c
Nutri-Stahl 12 Quart w/Cover
Nutri-Stahl 12pc Cookware Set
Nutri-Stahl 20 Quart w/cover
Nutri-Stahl 22pc Set w/ DVD
Nutri-Stahl 32pc Cookware Set
Nutri-Stahl 35 Quart w/cover
Nutri-Stahl Juicer
Nutri-Stahl Jumbo Skillet w/c
Nutri-Stahl Large Skillet w/c
Nutri-Stahl Med Grmt w/o cover
Nutriware Digital Rice Cooker
Platinum 1 Quart w/c
Platinum 12 Quart w/c
Platinum 12pc Cookware w/ DVD
Platinum 20 Quart w/c
Platinum 21Pc. Set
Platinum Air Purification System
Platinum Digital Water Ionizer
Platinum Grill Pan with Cover
Platinum Jumbo Gourmet Sk. w/c
Platinum Jumbo Skillet w/Dome
Platinum Large Gourmet Sk. w/c
Platinum Large Skillet w/c
Platinum Med. Gourmet Sk. w/c
Platinum Oval Roaster W/Rack
Platinum Steam Vent Lid (Lid Only)
Platinum Talking Knob
Professional Platinum Induction Range
Pump and Holder set
Sealed Countertop Water Filter
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